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Kloe’s Kourses Fall 2014 ! ! !

hullO all y’all! After a deliciously relaxing, hermit-style Summer in the woods, I am back in the big city of Bennington University, ready(…) to GeT aCaDeMiC in a BIG WAY. I’m in my 5th term which feels a bit scary (“over the hump”), but also exciting because my intellectual pursuits/interests are coming ever-clearer into focus. Anyhow, here are all of my (very well-chosen, if I do say so myself) courses for this coming term:

Theories of Psychotherapy (what’s YOUR theoretical approach for determining where a human is on the “insanity” spectrum? what’s the perfect person//perfect candidate for psychotherapy? is there a Best Modality for Psychotherapy? exploring representations of therapists in popular media - child molesters, drama-cravers, and serial killers. how to facilitate productive therapy sessions with people who are resistant to therapy? insight-oriented vs. cognitive behavioral therapy///which comes first, internal or external change?)

The Art of Mediation and Negotiation (let’s settle this like grown-ups. watching my teachers enact a scene where Kim and Vince are roommates and Vince doesn’t like how much Kim’s new bf hangs around in the room - uh-oh!! how to communicate effectively. what’s the difference between the court process, arbitration, negotiation, and mediation? how to be a neutral facilitating third-party in a debate between two parties.)

Transformations of the Self (what are different ways that people change, evolve, or switch various identities? are people identifying/taking on more social roles now than ever before? what’s the effect of social media on our ability to understand and communicate with different cultures, and what does that link do? how do religious groups present self-transformation, and what’s the language used to “convert” people to a certain religious faith? how do you know to act differently in your room vs. a classroom? where is the balance between stability and change? how do unspoken social norms get established, and what are the repercussions/effects of breaking them? understanding cultural phenomena in a personal way, and understand personal phenomena in a cultural way.)

Exploring the Sensory World of a Play (how does one immerse themselves into an imaginary visceral/sensory world in order to distract from the constant ocean of analytic, self-conscious thoughts that pass through the brain at every moment {especially when one is on a stage being watched by a crowd of people}? how can you feel moist itchy straw-grass on your thighs when you’re “actually” sitting on a black plywood floor? how to feel and show blindness/drunkenness/tooth-acheness? how to be freezing and wet on a sunny 82° day? how to create privacy in public?)

Traditional Music of North America (hee mo hy mo kee mo ky mo, rolly rolly ray, and a rock strop pennywinkle flanna doodle yella booger, rock strop by Mr. Gamble)

Mapping Complexity (a 3-week module that I haven’t started - how to make visual maps of non-linear set of data)

S’GONNA B COOL AS HECK! excited to revise my Plan to be more oriented around how humans develop a sense of self, how various personalities feel and operate in the personal/subjective, and social/objective spheres, how using/moving one’s body can bring psychospiritual growth, how to bridge the gap between intention and action, and how to facilitate social interactions that are comfortable for all parties involved, how to feel good as much as possible. PEOPLE!! whew…

shpring 2014 clahsses

HelloOoOo! Here are all my lovely classes for this term:

Reading the Body (an anthropology class that’s partially held in the dance studio - we talk about and feel BODIES - socially, personally, politically, etc. Basically my Plan)

The Science of Consciousness (what does it feel like to be an octopus?)

Butoh (modern Japanese dance that’s based off meditation/imaging - we do practices like “sneezing body,” and modern dance to Heartless while being taught by a cute Japanese man who teaches via a translator)

Yoga, Gymnastics and Dance (cartwheels are hard, child’s pose is easy)

Ukulele Ensemble (pronouncing Hawaiian town names is way harder than playing chords)

Lap/Mountain Dulcimer (old Appalachian 3-stringed folk instrument)

Conflict Confident (a mediation module that I haven’t started yet)

ANYWAY I am SO PLEASED with what I’m doing - finally all of my classes are directly in line with what I’m interested in, and I often get mixed up between the work for all my classes, because there are a lot of fascinating overlaps. Also all the books I ordered for just myself (not for class) are verrryyy similar to my class books. Next term I will delve deep, deep, deeeeep into the depths of the Psychology department.

36/100 drawings

36/100 drawings

first 8/100 drawings

first 8/100 drawings

ask me about my courses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fall 2012

Russian Jewish Literature (he made us challah on the last day)

Contact Improv (rolling on each other/painting our bodies with the floor)


Sacred Harp/Shape Note Singing (triangle notes, square notes, diamond notes)

Markmaking and Representation (drew angry women in nature for my final)

Normality & Abnormality (ha ha)

Field Work Term: lived, worked, studied, interacted, meditated, existed in a small, traditional Tibetan Buddhist monastery (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spring 2013

Experiential Anatomy (learning about the human body through touch, movement, and dance. and rolling on each other/painting with the floor)

Banjo (can’t get enough)

VALS (visual arts lecture series - interesting visiting humans talking about what they’re all about)

Photo Foundations (black & white film processing)

Hearing & Singing Music

Traditional Music Ensemble

Reading & Writing Poetry: Color, Text & Sound (workshopped grotesque poems about food and families, cleared my teacher’s aura with essential oils)

Fall 2013

Experiential Anatomy/Somatic Practices (mind-body connection, advanced rolling around)

Actor’s Instrument (exercising my emotional muscle)

100 Drawings (1 drawing every day until the last day of class, including breaks and weekends. we work with different constraints, i.e. microscopic view, cutting, palimpsest {where you erase what you’ve drawn but marks still remain}, etc. it’s intricate stuff.)

Philippine Kulintang Gong Ensemble (hitting gongs for credit!!!!!!!!!)

Philosophical Reasoning (how can you be sure that you exist?)